The written Maintenance Control Program code requirement can be as difficult to understand as it is to create the MCP document. This page will provide a few of the most common questions and concerns that have been expressed in the Vertical Transportation Industry, since the requirement was first introduced in the 2003 edition of the A17.1 Code.

Question:  How can I be sure we need a MCP? 

Answer:    The best way to be sure is to ask your Elevator Inspector or other local code authorities.

Question:  We already have a Service Contract. Why do we need a MCP? 

Answer:    A Service Contract is an agreement between you (owner) and your service provider for service and maintenance. The MCP is a "Code Required Document". Your Service Provider should confirm that the MCP document is in place for each unit covered by the Service Agreement. 

Question:  Who is responsibile for creating and maintaining the MCP document? 

Answer:    As with most aspects of the Vertical Transportation Industry, the MCP document should be created by Authorized Elevator Personnel that are familiar with the equipment.

Question:  Our elevator(s) were installed over 30 years ago. Why do we need this MCP now? 

Answer:    Section 8.6 of the A17.1 Code regulates both new and existing (old) equipment. Check with your local code authority to be sure which edition of the A17.1 applies where your equipment is located. The MCP requirement applies to the A17.1b-2003 thru A17.1-2016 / CSA B44-13 code editions.

Question:  What is the difference between Maintenance Logs and a Maintenance Control Program? 

Answer:    A Maintenance Log only documents when a task was performed. The MCP is a set of documents that provide specific written information that indicates how, when and what procedures are performed to confirm overall compliance with the many requirements in Section 8.6.

Answer:    Yes. Section 8.6 includes requirements for all of these types of Vertical Transportation Equipment.

Question:  Are dumbwaiters, Private Residence Elevators and Special Service Elevaotrs required to have a MCP? 

Question:  I have 100 Hydraulic and 75 Electric Elevators we maintain. How many WMCP forms do i need? 

Answer:    Two. One for the Hydraulic Elevators (H-200) and one for the Electric Elevators (E-100).

Question:  How long does it take to fill out these forms? 

Answer:    Most contractors say it takes them about 2hrs to complete the first form, then about 20 minutes for each subsequent form. 

Question:  Can i save the WMCP file to my computer ? 

Answer:    YES. The WMCP Form file should be saved under a name that identifies the equipment for which it is created (example: Elevator 1), so they can be reopened and edited as / if conditions with the equipment change.

Question:  Are these forms accepted as a Code Compliant MCP by my inspector? 

Answer:    Its important to know that the WMCP forms must be completed properly by Authorized Elevator Personnel. With the proper information and related documents included, most AHJ's and Inspectors have approved their use as a Maintenance Control Program.