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Beginning in 2012 Vertical Assistance LLC introduced the Written Maintenance Control Program (MCP) forms product to the Vertical Transportation industry. Since that time we have conducted numerous educational seminars relating to the process of creating code compliant MCP's. Often, following our educational programs, we were asked if Vertical Assistance offers a service that includes creating the Maintenance Control Programs for contractors and equipment owners. As a resul of the request for this type of service, we are proud to announce that Vertical Assistance LLC is now offering:

Maintenance Control Program Writing Services 


Creating code compliant MCP's is not an easy task! It requires comprehensive knowledge of the A17.1 Code Standard, especially in regard to Section 8.6, which consists of up to 23 pages of code requirements.


Whether your a Service Contractor or Equipment Owner, Vertical Assistance would like to talk to you about how we can utilize our knowledge and experience to create Maintenance Control Programs that are specific to the equipment your company owns and/or services. 


Similiar to hiring a Elevator Consultant, our MCP writing services require a site visit with a "hands-on" approach, that includes a survey of the equipment to determine the applicable and appropriate information needed to create a MCP that meets or exceeds the requirements of, a Written Maintenance Control Program.


Programs can be customized to meet your companies needs. Whether the need is a MCP for one unit or hundreds of units, we can provide a proposal to suit your budget.


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Electric Elevators      Hydraulic Elevators         Escalators and more.

With more jurisdictions enforcing the MCP Code Requirement, service contractors and elevator shops are finding the time it takes to gather all the information needed to write numerous different MCP's is costly and a difficult task to perform, especially given all the other duties that must be completed in a timely and cost effecient manner.


MCP writing services from Vertical Assistance LLC will not only save companies the time it takes create MCP's it will provide the confidence that the equipment is in compliance with a complicated and difficult-to-understand code requirement. 


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When writing us, please be prepared to provide information regarding the location(s) of the equipment, the number of units a MCP is needed for, and the type of equipment (Electric, Hydraulic, Escalator, Dumbwaiter, Moving Walk, etc).

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