Section 8.6, Requirement written maintenance control program shall be provided.


Beginning with the A17.1b-2003 edition of the A17.1 Safety Code Standard, a written maintenance control program is required for all equipment covered by Section 8.6, Maintenance and Testing. This includes, but is not limited to: Electric and Hydraulic Commercial Elevators, Electric and Hydraulic Private Residence Elevators, Roped-Hydraulic Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, Dumbwaiters and more.


Section 8.6 governs all equipment, new and existing, regardless of when it was originally installed or upgraded.


Requirement states that the maintenance procedures in the MCP shall be based on the equipment age, condition, accumulated wear, desgin and inherent quality of the equipment, usage, environmental conditions, improved technology, and more. A code compliant MCP is also required to have additional written documents that provide maintenance and testing procedures for unique or product specific equipment as well as logs that indicate when service, testing, replacement or repair actions are performed.


Creating a Code Compliant MCP is not an easy task.


A written MCP is required for each unit individually. "One-Size-Fits-All" does not apply when it comes to having a MCP for all of the equipment your company or organization owns or maintains. Additionally, the MCP is a living document. As conditions or maintenance procedures change, the MCP documentation needs to reflect those changes.


If the Elevator or Escalator your company owns or services is installed in a location governed by the applicable editions of the A17.1 Elevator and Escalator Safety Code a written Maintenance Control Program for each unit, individually, is required by code. Check with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction to confirm the requirement applies, then give us a call. Our experts are ready to answer your questions or concerns and help you with the process of creating and maintaining a WRITTEN MAINTENANCE CONTROL PROGRAM.